Introducing The E.Cig Lanyard™

The E.Cig Lanyard™ Will Revolutionise E.Cig Smoking” – The Rebel-Fag

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The brand new Rebel-Fag E.Cig Lanyard™ was developed by The Rebel-Fag himself and makes using an E.cig a much more natural process.

Because it allows an electric cigarette to be worn around the neck and in constant reach, an e.cig smoker now has instant and easy access to their e.smoking product.

This removes the need for the search, find and keep hold of mission that often ends up with an e.cig user, slightly over-doing things by keeping too long a hold on their e.cigarette and inhaling more and more puffs before putting it down or back into it’s case or their pocket or bag.

But by always knowing where the e.cig is and by being able to simply drop it back on to one’s chest after just a few puffs, a user becomes more able to control their intake.

Although the e.cigarette may be used more often this way, the amount inhaled at any one time is drastically reduced.

It has also been shown that this action dramatically reduces an e.smokers’ craving for, and use of tobacco, which most e.smokers still do use to some extent.

This device will, we are sure, do more to help an e.cig smoker learn to use their e.cig in a responsible and natural manner and could well prove to be a key factor in e.smokers giving up tobacco altogether.

Custom printed E.Cig Lanyards™ together with customised E.Cig Stickers™ now make electronic cigarettes fantastic  promotional products.

We can print your E.Cig Lanyard™ in full colour with your company logo and message from as little as £1.50 per piece with print-runs as low as 100 pieces.

E.Cig Sticker™ prices extra.

For all wholesale and/or corporate enquiries, please call or e.mail with your details and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

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