Brand New from the USA – South Beach Smoke now available in UK and Europe
Best Rated E-Cigarettes from South Beach Smoke


Hi y’all, The good folks at South Beach Smoke sent The REBEL-FAG  one of their starter kits and though I’m still more of a fan of the disposable type e.cigs, these are remarkable value for re-chargeable systems, the smoke is very dense and the flavour very nice. The Starter kits are less than £20 incl p&p and you can order them directly by simply clicking on the banner above. All the way from the USA – yee-haw!!


The REBELFAG has tested most of the best selling Electronic Cigarettes in the UK – THE TOP THREE ARE:

In the Opinion of The REBELFAG, the very best of these by a long long way is the

NicoLite Disposable E.Cig from £7.99 inc p&p •  £9.99  with E.Cig Lanyard

We’ve just scooped a great deal with a newcomer from the States

South Beach Smoke produce a very high quality rechargable e.cig, with nice tasting carts and a Special Price for their starter kits of just £24.95 inc FREE DELIVERY TO THE UK !!- which can’t be bad!!

We’re getting new banners made up with UK prices etc… but for the time being, in order to order, please click on the banner below and type the following code for FREE DELIVERY TO THE UK:- rebelship

NicoLite Prices inc p&p

N.Lite + E.LanyardPrices inc p&p

High Quality Disposable Battery stays at full strength through it’s entire life – nb: Rechargeable batteries steadily lose their charge until they need a re-charge
Fully Atomised Cartridge • Cannot be tampered with • Absolutely No Leakage • No Re-Charging • No Re-Filling • No Messing About • Good for 2-300 puffs
Smoke it till it’s finished then simply open a new one – just like a pack of cigarettes • More like a natural smoking experience.
Always us an E.Cig Lanyard. It makes it easier to find your Nicolite when you need a puff and easier to put it down when you’ve had enough • Again more like a natural smoking experience.


Rechargeable E.Cigs

Now available direct from The RebelFag: the brand new NICOLITE – RECHARGEABLE
at just £19.99 inc p&p • £21.99 with E.Cig Lanyard & Just £7.99 for 3 x fully atomised cartridges

E.Cig Prices inc p&p
Nicotine Strengths


Spare Cartridges


NICOLITE – RECHARGEABLE Cartridges x 3 @ £7.99 inc p&p

Nicotine Strengths

E.Smoke Liquids 

Fruit-Bottle x 5ml @ £4.99 inc p&p

Nicotine Strength

Rebel-Fag Accessories
The E.Cig Lanyard

Plain or Printed
Add text to be printed


E.Cig Stickers

Custom Designs min x 50 pieces @ £24.99 inc p&p


International Orders

Contact for international postage rates